Product Teams

Great teams build great products. And nowadays, teams are taking all kinds of shapes through creative mixes of remote work, contracting and stakeholder partnerships.We take a team-first approach to company building and product development. London Street identifies new market opportunities in the working world and labour sectors, and brings together people and resources in order to win significant market share within these categories.


Basics App: a suite of activity management tools, based around a Business Calculator.

Business Squares: a business education project, based on a podcast and Web App.

Technology Development Cycle

Courses of Growth

To spur growth across the working world and its many sectors, the world needs more than tools and technologies. Increased access to business education and training, along with health supports, are just some of the major factors that contribute to sustainable growth for blue collar communities.

We partner widely to study the historical and ongoing performance of various sectors, with special attention on the qualitative gains experienced by individual business owners and workers worldwide.


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The Working World

Made up largely of labour sectors, this phrase also includes the majority of the world's farmers too.

Businesses traditionally known as "blue collar" tend to have small numbers of staff. And very often, the business owner performs nearly all of the administration, from scheduling jobs to answering calls, in addition to helping perform the manual labour or skilled trade.

The overwhelming characteristic of these business types is the need to manage people and processes while on the go and on the job. Those facing these pressures can be viewed as Mobile Proprietors with special requirements for carrying out "Mobile Management". This applies to owners, supervisors and team leads.

We use our platform and voice to bring attention to working people and the places they operate, with the belief that good storytelling is what sustains product and service ecosystems.


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